New, Ethical Kids Rugs To Love!

I've been a fan of Happy As Larry Designs for many years and purchased quite a few of her fabulous, Eco-friendly kids products.  So I'm thrilled to have a chat with founder and owner Amy Eaton to discuss her incredible new children's rug collection.

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Imagination merchant… I love it! How did you conjure that up?

Ha ha, my background is in the arts and I have always been a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

You’ve run Happy As Larry Designs for how long?

Happy as Larry has been running for 8 years with a few lulls throughout as I had 3 kids during this time. It has given me the opportunity to scale things back when I needed to for family and then pick them up again when they I’m not so sleep deprived.

This new Oh Happy Home Collection is me really taking the business seriously again and reinventing Larry for a new season.  

Boho Tribal Rug

Cotton Berber Rug

It's even washable!

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from… 

I am from Perth through and through. My parents, grandparents and husband were born here and have lived here all our lives. Sometimes I think this is pretty boring but our family is super important to me and can’t imagine being away from them for too long.  

And how did your venture into rugs come about? 

I have always loved textiles and it became my major whilst studying at university. It was during my travels that I fell in love with being able to make an artwork functional, not just for your wall but your floor. 

Jasper Knit Rug

What’s important to you with your product and design selection? 

Number one importance is where it comes from. This is why I travel and see where they are made, meet the manufacturers and the weavers. These days it is too easy to order anything cheaply online from anywhere in the world and not really know where it comes from and how it is made.

Also, the quality of the yarn we use is important for us as not all wool is created equal.

Lots of samples are made for us to get the colours and weaves just right.

Where are they handmade?

Two totally different parts of India - one on the edge of the desert and the other in a big city. 

Cotton Berber Rug

Cotton Hills Rug

You recently went there to meet your makers, what struck you most about the visit?

My visit to India was captivating. To meet the men and women who produce the yarn and then weave it into the most amazing works of art is a real privilege to see and experience. 

The process of turning the wool into yarn or felted yarn is very laborious and time consuming.

The skills of the weavers blew me away as they worked the most intricate designs often without a pattern. The brains required to count and weave the warp and the weft is truly amazing. They were also so proud of their work.

Pink Sahara Wool Rug

How do you manage work/life balance? (does such a thing exist with your own business / new launch and young children?)

Look I don't really think there is such a thing and us Mums like to put it out there that we can have it all but at times it is really, really hard.

I believe there just needs to a bit of order to the chaos. Kids thrive on order too. A mentor said to me once "Make Minutes Count" and this is something I try to remember - think in small chunks and tick it off your list, don't dwell on what needs to be done (or waste time comparing and scrolling through social media) but just get stuff done.

And get a cleaner! 


Diamond Honeycomb Rug

Cotton Hills Rug

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Images: Graydot Photography

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