7 Fun Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

As a parent, it can sometimes feel like you spend the best part of the day running around tidying up after your kids. From stray shoes to odd socks, discarded toys to crayons and books, your children can leave a path of destruction behind them!

Sometimes however, it isn’t the picking up after your kids that is the issue; it’s working out where to put all of their toys! If your children’s rooms are overflowing with their possessions, you could benefit from more storage.

When adding storage to a child’s room, it’s important to make sure that you don’t detract from the room’s personality and make it boring. After all, this is your child’s sanctuary, personal space and playroom so they should love it!

Adding more storage space to your kids’ rooms doesn’t have to be dull; use our seven fun storage ideas to make a room that’s both practical and child-friendly.

A TUBU vintage wardrobe...

Hiding lots and lots of books!

Put Dressing Up Costumes On Full Display

Storing dressing up costumes can be a pain. You don’t want them to be mixed in with your child's daywear, but you haven’t got room to give them a separate drawer in the dresser or wardrobe, and your child is likely to want their costumes regularly so you can’t put them in the shed.

The answer is simple: hang your child’s dressing costumes on full display! A simple clothes rail will allow you to hang all of your kids’ superhero capes, princess gowns and animal tails out of the way while also allowing your child to access them anytime they want to play at being someone else! You'll find beautifully crafted ones by Little Red Industries.

Use A Magnetic Board / Wallpaper

Hang up your kids’ smaller bits and bobs on a magnetic board. This saves you buying a bulky drawer or storage box to store them in but will also give them a safe place to be so your kids don’t lose them! There is also wonderful magnetic wallpaper such as this giraffe from White Mica

Invest In A Loft Bed

If you haven’t got much floor space in your children’s rooms, a loft bed can be a really space saver. Having a top bunk bed will free up some valuable floor space underneath for drawers, a desk or a reading nook.

Image from Gravity Blog; Photographer Andrea Papini.

Make A Play Table

Instead of your kids playing with their toys all over the floor, make a play table. This gives your kids a designated play space, prevents you tripping over their toys all of the time.

You can use a table with shelves and put storage boxes under the table so your kids’ toys are in easy reach when they play and are out of the way when they’re not playing.

Add Wall Crates

You can upscale some crates with a lick of paint and attach them to the walls of your child’s room. You can use this space to store toys such as barbies and action men or teddies. Your kids can also use these crates as playhouses when they are playing! This image below from the fab blog Paul et Paula also includes the storage boxes available in my online store.

Make A Teddy Bear Swing

If your little one is always adding new teddy bears to their collection, you can make a teddy bear swing to keep them off the floor. Use a rope ladder or this gorgeous macrame timber swing above from Fibre Shack and tuck your teddies in securely. This way your child can always see their teddies but you won’t be picking them off the floor all the time!

If you’re looking to add more storage space for the rest of your home, here's some additional storage tips.

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