5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

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A rainy weekend / beginning of the holidays / you’ve got the flu… how do you keep the kids amused?!!

Indoor activities for kids

I had a bout of illness recently and with the kids constantly whining for more food or whatever, I actually broke down in the kitchen and cried in despair “I’m sick!!!” – but they don’t understand.

So I wracked my brain for things to do, and things that they could do fairly unsupervised (i.e. not playdough, or gluing)

None of this is rocket science, but it may jog a memory of something you did as a kid and keep yours entertained when you’re all out of options.

Number One: Ping Pong

I bought these fun indoor ping pong bats from Huzi Design – with two unbreakable, uncrushable, indoor-friendly ping pong balls.

And just look at the designs on them!

But if you’re reading this and think YES! But I can’t wait for the delivery! Then an indoor ping pong bat can be whipped up with a loo roll holder handle and a circle cut out of cereal boxes.

Or paper plates with wooden spoons. And doesn’t every house have masses of balls lying around? Or a balloon!

Number Two: Teepees and tents

There have been times when I’m stressed about work or just plain tired when I have forgotten about the humble tent. Having a teepee stashed away has been one of my best purchases ever – we use it indoors and out and it never fails to make them happy.

Teepee from Banana J Creations
Teepee decoration

This stripy one we have is from Banana J Creations and she has loads of fab designs. Plus the kids like to dress it up with feathers etc.  

Or if you’re in the UK then this adorable teepee by Nathalie Lete from Little Citizens Boutique has a cult following (NB they do ship overseas!) and there are super stylish teepees by Nobodinoz from Molly Meg

Nobodinoz from Molly Meg
Little Citizens / Nathalie Lete teepee

No time to order teepees? The under-the-table tent option is always a winner!

Either way they will be pumped at being asked to get every single cushion in the house into their little den and if you have some torches then even better!

Number Three: Bean bags

I had totally forgotten about bean bags and how much fun we used to have with them!

I’m not very good at sewing but these were a synch – literally two squares sewn together and filled with red lentils from the supermarket. Plus I finally had something to do with the lovely bits of material I’ve been hoarding.

This was the first time ever I have seen my eldest coordinate a game with the twins without me even asking. I peeped round the corner as I watched him get everyone in line. Then they tried to hurl them in the box.

Or, get a big piece of cardboard and cut various holes into it with scores on each.

Not mad about sewing? Give them a box and some socks – they will still have fun!

Number Four: Skittles

My Mum picked up these old vintage skittles from a second hand shop or there are lovely new sets around. I love the ones below - the Newbies Super Skittles from Hard To Find and personalised skittles by Hill Country Woodcraft on Etsy (from the US)

We now play these along the corridor or in the lounge and Hunter keeps score on a blackboard. They love it! 

No time to shop? You could make your own set easily enough with old water bottles and a few lentils in the bottom for a bit of stability. Here’s a great tutorial on Bloesem Kids

Newbie skittles from Hard to Find
Hill Country Woodcraft skittles

Number Five: Cardboard art houses

I’m a big fan of cardboard for kids furniture and play (except when they’re potty training!) and it’s so easy to get creative with it. I bought this fantastic white cardboard Art House from Mocka Australia – it’s sturdy, has a lovely design and cute little additions like a letterbox. Oh and it’s only $29.95! 

If you need a quick solution or want to make your own, I love this one from sheknows.com – click on the image for her tutorial.

Happy playing everyone!

All images and styling by TUBU Kids, unless specified otherwise 🙂

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