Here are our lovely contributors - the crew who help by designing, photographing, blogging and testing product!

TUBUKids_vote-buttonOur panel. Products tested by kids, for kids!

Our kids are so excited and involved when we have gorgeous kids products here to shoot, that we decided to set up a panel of judges.

It's all a bit of fun really, or is it?... The TUBU Kids vote is the business!

Anika, aged 3 - She'll brandish a stick with the best of them, and doesn't mind a bit of a wrestle. But if it's something pink and sparkly, chances are it's a winner.

Morgan and Tom, aged 3 - Don't let their cheekiness fool you - these boys are very discerning, with expertise in cars, trains and eating.

Hunter, Lachlan & Oliver, aged 5 - This is basically like being judged by superheros - if they say yes, go buy it!

Anika's "show me quality" look
Tom and Morgan, experts in kids stuff
The supers, their vote is the boss


Clare and Evie
Clare Keylock, photographer & craft blogger

I worked with Clare about 15 years ago in London and we recently bonded again through Instagram.

Clare is one of life's happy people who you just feel good being around.  She is a super-mum to three boys and a girl and a fantastic blogger, photographer and crafter.

We're thrilled to have her on board with TUBU Kids with a regular kids craft blog. After all, we create these smashing spaces for kids to be used and loved and lived in - and what better than a spot of creativity.

See more of Clare's gorgeous work on Instagram and her new website if you want inspiration for kids cooking check out her blog for The Wee Department Store


Julie and her boys
Julie Barker, right-hand-woman, furniture restorer and designer

Every business needs a right-hand-woman, don't you think?

I'm lucky enough to have a friend and neighbour who is just that, and on so many levels.

Not only did we click through friendship and kids (Jules lives a few doors down and has three the same age as mine, including twins) but we work instinctively together.

Sometimes I think of something, and she sends me a similar image five minutes later, like she has read my mind!

Jules is massively driven, has an eye for detail, a passion for kids decor and is a whizz at graphic design. 

I simply couldn't do it without her!

Shannon and her babes
Shannon Rawnsley, photographer

If there is one thing you want a photographer to be, it is that they are calm. And boy did Shannon champion that!

Many images on this site are thanks to Shannon.

She rocked up with her 4 month old, shot MASSES of sets over 6 hours, and was just lovely. And such magic images. What a trooper!

Check out more of her work on her website especially if you're keen on getting some family photographs, I think she captured my little girl beautifully.