Stuck on where to find something and just need that one certain piece sourced?

  • Perhaps you've got a piece in mind but you don't have time to look for it
  • Are you after some vintage kids furniture to be sourced (and even revamped)?
  • Do you want something totally unique?
  • Do you have an idea of some furniture / shelves / playhouse to be custom made and need a local carpenter?
Leave the product sourcing to us!

There is a lot of gorgeous product out there and wonderful suppliers and you may be having trouble navigation it all. It can be very time consuming! We've all been sucked into that Instagram vortex. 

We help navigate this by honing in on what you are looking for. Helping to define what it is you need and to source it within budget.

Examples of how we have helped...

I had a client who really wanted some incredible wallpaper but couldn't quite justify the expense. So I helped her source a stunning alternative using wall decals.

Another had seen some furniture on Pinterest which just wasn't available in any store - but we found a similar piece and revamped it using our custom furniture restoration team.

Renovations service

Being so involved in the children's decor industry we are across all the latest news and products. And having worked in the renovations industry for a number of years we can easily source and coordinate custom carpentry or even painting and electrical works - we know the best in the business!

How much does it cost?

We simply charge by the hour so please do get in touch with your challenge and we can help.

Vintage wardrobe
Custom drawers with removable change table & porcelain handles
One-off handmade doll house
Vintage school chair, custom colour